Our Mission

3rd and 1 Football is a community based structured fitness program dedicated to providing a safe environment where youth can develop leadership skills, physical fitness and community consciousness.

We promote the health and well being of all youth which empowers them to in turn become leaders in the community.  We pride ourselves in being able to support children’s participation in organized sports where without our involvement they might never have the opportunity.

3rd and 1 Football was established in 2010 to support children in their goal of playing football.  Children were sponsored and provided equipment which allowed them to participate in activities which would have been outside of their reach from both a financial and social perspective. We have since expanded to bring together all sections of the Ottawa community creating a diverse environment where the goal is football, fitness and fellowship.

3rd and 1 Football is run solely by dedicated volunteers who provide their time, expertise and guidance.  The organization currently comprises of former professional athletes and serving Canadian Force members. All funds raised goes directly to running the fitness program and supporting children in their football and health goals.