Doug Gates


I have been coach with 3rd & 1 since 2016,  I have also coached in the NCAFA since 2015 as a position coach (Defensive Back), and Offensive Coordinator. Growing up in Ottawa I had the opportunity to play for my High School Team, at Gloucester High School as a Gator. Never a star player and often choosing Hockey instead of Football, my High School career was the extent of my Football experience. I bring to program a good understanding of athletics and positional experience. I love competing and teaching 3rd and 1 allows me the opportunity to teach a younger generation to be competitive. Like most volunteers at 3rd and 1, I am a member of the Canadian Forces. My time in the Military has taught me the values of Team Work, Integrity and being Goal Oriented. I think setting goals for your kids is crucial for motivation and seeing their own ability grow.