Mack Janes aka MADDOG

I have been a coach with 3rd & 1 Football since the first conditioning camp started in January 2011. Growing up in Newfoundland there wasn’t a football program, so I only played touch football in NL, NB and Ontario as an adult. I have coached youth football since 2012 for the Russell Minor Football Association and 3 years in NCAFA.  I have been in the Canadian Armed Forces since 2001 and have learned how to take large group  of individuals and turn them into a team quickly. This also encompassed with teaching  Loyalty, Respect, Honor, Integrity, and above all Personal Courage. My biggest attribute to the 3rd & 1 coaching team is my ability to build trust with at-risk and under privileged youth. I find it’s a smooth transition for me as I understand their environments as a former Correctional Officer and Undercover Police Officer.